Ukrajinská permakulturní konvergence

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Téma této národní ukrajinské konvergence je "ekologické farmaření".

Jazyky: ukrajinština, ruština, angličtina

22 of January 2017,09:00 - 19:00. Khmelnytskyi, Ukraine

Khmelnytsky Regional Library

Heroiv Maidanu St, 28/78

We are glad to invite you to the annual meeting of Ukrainian permaculture community to celebrate the Day of Unity of Ukraine with us!

Since we don't have any grant for organizing the convergence, unfortunately, we can not cover expenses for the keynote speakers, and we can only offer them free participation. But we can arrange the presentations in the videoconference mode. Particularly we need foreign cpeakers who can introduce ideas of community-supported agriculture an urban farming for Ukrainian farmers and permavulture community.

Permaculture (permanent culture + permanent agriculture) is the approach to problem solving, aimed at finding mutually beneficial solutions; design of the plots and social systems based on the principles of sustainable development, adopted from nature and wisdom of traditional cultures. The main topic of this convergence will be eco-friendly and socially just farming, so we provide an opportunity for the local farmers to share their experience, and we also invite experts from the Eastern Europe who can introduce the practices of community-supported agriculture, creation of the multi-purpose family farms, and urban farming. For the first time we plan to organize special permaculture program for child, and we encourage your contribution.


If you have ever studied permaculture or alreadyworking as the permaculture designer, if you are looking for solutions for sustainable farming, or if you just heard something about permaculture and want to learn more to improve your quality of life and to join our creative and energetic community, then this the event is for you! We offer an affordable registration fee of only 9 EUR to make this event affordable for everyone(and we offer free participation for the speakers and provide discount for volunteers). Our event is a friendly for internally displaced persons and the military personnel in line with our program Permaculture for Peace. We are looking for supporters to enable participation for those who need it the most, but cannot afford to pay.


Our meeting is more than just one more ecofestival, because we invite local permaculture practitioners and international experts to launch the new areas of multifaceted permaculture in Ukraine, and the scheme of our meeting is designed to facilitate finding business partners, solutions and launching new projects. Along with the conference-style oral presentations our program also includes workshops and facilitated sessions in the minigrouos for networking around the regions and topics. There will be also the fair of ecological products. And, of course, we will be celebrating together our achievements. All activities of our organization in 2017 will be organized around the topic of permaculture farming, and we will be launching the network of permaculture education and demonstration sites in Ukraine. The first project should elaborate the model of sustainable and profitable small farm.


Our event presents a unique opportunity for those who:

  • Want to develop ecological farming and permaculture in Ukraine,

  • Desire to meet the members of Ukrainian permaculture community,

  • Eager to see permaculture in action,

  • Want to improve their skills as permaculture designers,

  • Have any relevant experience or information and is happy to share it with Ukrainian people,

  • Have encountered any problems while implementing their permaculture project (we will be looking for solutions together!),

  • Would like to join an existing permaculture project or looking for the partners for the own projects,

  • Would love to enjoy productive and fun time with Ukrainian permaculture mates.


Ukrainian permaculture community

Ukrainian permaculture movement is relatively young. The first Certification Permaculture Design Course was carried out in 2011, and then we have organized three more of such courses with the qualified Ukrainian trainers at the last  two. We offer free participation in the convergence for everyone who will register to participate in our Introductory Online Permaculture Course.  In 2016 we organized the advanced Permaculture Design Livelihood Course, and also we translated and published the first permaculture book in Ukrainian: ‘Permaculture Design: a step-by-step guide’ by Aranya. Together this created a good background for Ukrainian permaculture designers to start consultancy service, and also for the creation of Ukrainian network of permaculture education and demonstration sites, the first of them will be created in 2017. We have also established good relationships with the number of organizations: some develop organic market in Ukraine, urban farming, cooperative movement, local governing, initiated the seed bank, and distribute an amazing film about the permaculture orchard (which is beyond organic). Ukrainian permaculture movement is now ready for gain more power and influence! Being initiated by few Ukrainian activists now it should become the responsibility for the whole national permaculture community.


Our meeting is very participative, and we invite everyone to become a speaker! Please, share your inspiring permaculture experience! Unfortunately we don’t have any grant or sponsor to cover the fees for the foreign participants, and at the same time we have to keep our event affordable for Ukrainians. But we are happy to offer free participation and some snacks from the locally grown ingridients to all our presenters. Your experience is really important to inspire Ukrainian farmers and can provide first guidance to permaculture farming.


Oral presentations

  • Pavlo Ardanov, Tetiana Chuchko "Permaculture development in Ukraine: achievements and challenges" and "Our future projects: permacultre education and demonstration centers, seed bank, community-supported agriculture, the School of Ecology and Permaculture."

  • Victor Chirkin "Family farming".

  • Michal Demez (Slovakia) "Eco / Bio family farming.

  • Zuzana Pastorková (Slovakia) “Experience of permacultute farming and launching community-supported agriculture scheme."



Program for children (there's nothing here yet, so everything depends on your activity!)


How to get there

The event will be organized in Khmelnytsky Regional Library (Heroiv Maidanu St, 28/78) on January 22th 09:00-19:00. Here is the registration form. The web-page is under development and will be available soon.


Travel (round trip around 60 EUR; carpooling is well developed in Ukraine): 

From Slovakia

From Poland

  • Bus to Lviv or Kovel. Train to Khmelnytsky..

From Czech Republic

  • Bus to Lviv. Train to Khmelnytsky.

From Hungary

  • Train from Zahony to Chop. Train to Khmelnytsky.


There will be a shared table from the ecological food produced and brought by participants, where we will share our yield according to permaculture principle of the Fair Share. There will be the small fair where you can taste and buy the products of your permaculture mates. Please, indicate in the registration form if you want to join the dinner in a restaurant after the convergence (19:30-20:30).


  • Hotel Eneїda (8 Heroiv Maidanu st.), close to the conference venue (single room - 207 UAH or 7.64 EUR; double room - 137 UAH or 5.06 EUR/person; triple room 86 UAH or 3,16 EUR/person). See rooms here.

  • Hotel Tsentralnyi (5 Gagarina st.): single room 250 UAH or 9.23 EUR; double room - 450 UAH or 16.61 EUR; breakfast included)

  • Hostels

  • Cohousing

  • Couchsurfing

Children, pets and accessibility for the disabled

There will be a separate room allocated for children at the venue (Khmelnytsky Regional Library), where they will be under constant supervision of parents and volunteer (schedule rotation will be composed). This is the first time when we are intended to organize special permaculture program for children!

Although the library has the ramp, the event will take place on the second floor, which is only accessible by the stairs. Toilet is not equipped for wheelchairs.

Unfortunately, it is not alowed to bring your pets to the library, so please, leave them at home.

Contact Information


NGO "Permaculture in Ukraine"


Organizing Committee

  • Daryna Shchors, +380 (067)216-35-27, +380 (099) 199-82-15.

  • Tetyana Shvatska,shvatska.


Registration form



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Permakultura je založena na pozorování a využívání přírodních koloběhů, vazeb a vztahů k designování všeho, co potřebujeme k životu: účinné a zdravé produkce potravin, bydlení, systémů poskytujících energii i samotných lidských komunit. Cílem je vyšší kvalita života, který by byl provázaný s prostředím a šetrný vůči přírodě. Permakultura využívá starobylé tradiční postupy, stejně jako moderní technologie a poznatky současné vědy. Více


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